Sally dog - My adventures in Menorca


Hi I'm Sally

This is me, Sally Dog I'm just a pup living in Menorca
who loves adventures.
Sally's walking adventures in Menorca

This is where I'll share my walking adventures in the Menorcan countryside and along the coastal pathway
the Cami de Cavalls.


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Envy!28 Apr 2010Titch
Oh thank you Titch29 Apr 2010Sally
nice16 Feb 2018jessicaalex
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Menorca25 Feb 2010John
Thank you25 Feb 2010Sally
Thanx Sally25 Feb 2010Max
Menorca25 Mar 2014Jensen Mott
Nice28 Jan 2018Dolly
You lucky doggie27 Aug 2010watta
Dear Sally!29 Aug 2010Deb
Thanks Alan and Deb29 Aug 2010Sally
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I looked and looked for you!24 Sep 2010Carben
nice28 Dec 2017davidjoe
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An amazing blog!27 Oct 2017Carlisle Patrick
Good one!06 Dec 2017charles
Question05 Feb 2018Holly and Ivy
Suprises!!24 Mar 2010From Your Best Friends Andy & Jen xx
Thank you it\'s been my pleasure24 Mar 2010Sally
Very informative.02 Aug 2017Beverly
tes11 Dec 2017Galang
tes11 Dec 2017Galang
Great Information08 Jan 2018jany watson
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i know sally dog12 Sep 2010alex mitchell-males
Hi Alex12 Sep 2010Sally
REALLY!?21 Feb 2011Natalie
I love Sally04 Apr 2010Ann
Thank you04 Apr 2010Sally
Good Fun!16 Mar 2010Carben
Thank You17 Mar 2010Sally
What a lovely face04 May 2010Deb
Thank you Deb04 May 2010Sally
Cheer up sally31 May 2010watta
Poor old girl!02 Jun 2010carben
Thank you03 Jun 2010Sally
are you better now?13 Jun 2010Jan
How you doing Sally? We miss you!16 Jun 2010Deb
Keep on walking05 Feb 2010Deb
Thank you09 Feb 2010Denise.
Ello Sally18 Jun 2010watta
im missing u sally x28 Jun 2010emma
best08 Jan 2018mariakim
Sally02 May 2010watta
Walkies02 May 2010Mad Max
Thanks02 May 2010Sally
New Adventures04 Jul 2010Wiggy
Hiya Wiggy20 Jul 2010Sally
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Nice post12 Dec 2017Ethan William
BEST ONE08 Jan 2018hillarydavidson
BEST ONE08 Jan 2018hillarydavidson
Ello Sally05 Aug 2010watta
How are you ?20 Aug 2010Patti
Thank you, back now.21 Aug 2010Sally
Let sleeping dogs lie13 Oct 2010watta
Hello Sally20 Nov 2010Patti
I\'m not the only one!21 Nov 2010Deb
C\'mon Sally21 Nov 2010watta
Hello30 May 2011Sammy Dog
Great Information26 Dec 2017shawnkemp
Great Information08 Jan 2018kathybrunt
NIce to Be at Here08 Jan 2018janywatson
helen20 Oct 2009helen
Jan20 Oct 2009Jan
Sally Dog x25 Oct 2009Jen & Andy
Sally15 Feb 2010Natalie P
My Favourite Niece20 Jul 2010Uncle Bill
Thanks Uncle Bill21 Jul 2010Sally
great13 Feb 2018melissamfloyd
Mrs05 Apr 2010Jan Schofield
Good girl05 Apr 2010Watta
nice one14 Jan 2018kevine
writing04 Nov 2017wafaers
Walking in Menorca30 Sep 2009Dave & Sue
Es Grau - no go??12 Sep 2010Socks
Hi Socks12 Sep 2010Sally
Sally02 Oct 2010watta
Yours Soo Silly!!21 Feb 2011Natalie
great13 Feb 2018melissamfloyd
Hiya Sally21 Aug 2010Billy
Ello Sally25 Aug 2010watta
Thanks26 Aug 2010Sally
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Welcome back Sally07 Sep 2011watta
Welcome back Sally07 Sep 2011Trevx
Not enough sun cream!07 Sep 2011Carben
Cheers07 Sep 2011Sally
Sally 12 Sep 2011Max and Wiggy
Hi MadMax & WiggyWig14 Sep 2011Sally