Sally dog - My adventures in Menorca


Hi I'm Sally

This is me, Sally Dog I'm just a pup living in Menorca
who loves adventures.
Sally's walking adventures in Menorca

This is where I'll share my walking adventures in the Menorcan countryside and along the coastal pathway
the Cami de Cavalls.


A year in Menorca, on four legs

Walking, running, swimming, playing and snoozing.. all My Favourites!!

Although I haven't been on any big adventures, My Favourite!! I have had lots of smaller ones :-)

A long time ago, one dark winters day I awoke to find a lot of wrapped up parcels under a tree that someone had brought in the house?!? It's Christmas they said, and you have some presents to open.

WoW ripping paper off them excitedly, I revelled lots of 'Chewy's', doggy sweets and even more toys, My Favourite!!

The first few months of the year are My Favourite!!

water dog

I get to go on the beaches. I just love running down the sand and playing in all the dry sea weed on the waters edge, My Favourite!!

A beach all to myself, My Favourite!!

beach combing

The water may be a bit cold but I don't mind, and its a lot cooler for walking, My Favourite!!

We've been on lots of new walks around our new house, lots of new paths and track ways to explore. New adventures and new friends to make, wherever I go someone knows me and shouts "Hi Sally"  I get treats from the lady in the bakers, I get cool drinks from the lady in our favourite cafe, and I get fussed by people everywhere, My Favourite!!

Summer time is for friends and swimming.

me and him

When Summer arrives I know it's time for friends to come to see me, and this year was no exception.

Uncle Bill came first, I love Uncle Bill he always spoils me, sharing his favourite bikkies with me and taking me out where ever he goes, My Favourite!! He even took me swimming when it was too cold for 'him' to go in... softy :-)

Come on I'm waiting to chase you down the beach,
My Favourite!!

The beach

David & Jose with Cameron and Luis also came out to see me, and what great fun we had. WE went for a walk along the shore line at Punta Prima, played football in the park,( I got told off for bursting the ball with my teeth!!)  and generally chased each other around, My Favourite!!

Aunty Maggy and aunty Wendy came for a week too. I just love it when friends come to see me, you could say its My Favourite Favourite!!

No Andy and Jenny this year :-( they went to swim with Dolphins, who ever she is?!? but I hope they'll be here next year.

Me and my best pal Natalie

Nats and me

Then came July, 'She' went away for a couple of days :-( but one morning we got in the car, me thinking we were going for an Adventure, My Favourite!! How wrong could a pup be!

Driving up the airport road I started to get excited, airport = friends, who could it be??

As we walked into the arrivals I could hardly contain myself... I nearly widdled on the floor! Natalie came, wow.

Five whole weeks, FIVE whole weeks, I could hardly believe it!! What a great time we had. We went for walks down into Cala Estaban, My Favourite!! We went to the Fiesta in Es Castell, My Favourite!! We ran along deserted [out of the way] beaches, My Favourite!! We walked into Mahon shopping, My Favourite!! We went swimming at Es Mutar, My Favourite!! We went for long country walks, My Favourite!! Shhhh don't tell any one but I slept in her bedroom every night, My Favourite!! I gave her loads-O-licks, My Favourite!!

Oh nearly forgot. One day while out with Natalie at Son Bou some strangers came up to me and said " Are you Sally??" "Why yes" I replied. "I thought so, we've seen your web site, we come from Italy and are so pleased to have met you"

Fame as last ha ha ha.

But then one day she had gone, Not My Favourite :-( I looked in her bedroom every day, she wasn't there :-( every time the garden gate opened I ran to look, it wasn't her :-( I was soooooooo sad, but she'll be back, I just know it.

Now summer is drawing to a close, it's time to start training for out winter adventures, My Favourite!!


Start as you mean to go on, that's my moto :-) plenty of rest and relaxation, and a bit of map reading, planning this winters Adventures, now this really is My Favourite!!

See you soon, Sally

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