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Hi I'm Sally

This is me, Sally Dog I'm just a pup living in Menorca
who loves adventures.
Sally's walking adventures in Menorca

This is where I'll share my walking adventures in the Menorcan countryside and along the coastal pathway
the Cami de Cavalls.


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Menorca is open Yippee

Well what a lot has happened since I last posted. My stay with friends was not as I expected, more on that later.

The big news around these parts is that Menorca is fully open, open that is to us of the canine breed. We are now free to run along the white sands on Menorca's glorious beaches.

This last week I've been all over on my walking adventures.

The wide open beaches of Menorca.

Menorca's great beaches

Strangely the beaches are mostly deserted and no one seems to be in the sea!! which is great, as it leaves more room for me to do my favourite thing, running and swimming.

We went shopping the other day into the capital Mahon [Mao] After a good walk round we went down in to the port and walked along looking at all the yachts. I took the opportunity for a swim My Favourite! The water was lovely still warm and ever so refreshing.

Oh how I love splashing around.

Port Mahon Menorca

We've also been walking in the countryside between Alaior and Son Bou, along country paths and into a very large abandoned quarry. It was quite spooky with the towering walls which seemed to close in on you. I got told off for chasing a bird! I ask you, what are we supposed to do., if it moves I chase it, that's what we do ;-)

This is the old abandoned quarry.

Menorca countryside

Now for the holiday. What can I say, I loved every minute of the day time, going for walks, My Favourite! playing with friends My Favourite! but, the nights were horrible. The others are used to being outside in kennels, I'm not. I like my comforts so from now on ,I think a short visit will be long enough.

For more information on Menorca's great beaches and glorious walking visit Menorca the Guide

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