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Hi I'm Sally

This is me, Sally Dog I'm just a pup living in Menorca
who loves adventures.
Sally's walking adventures in Menorca

This is where I'll share my walking adventures in the Menorcan countryside and along the coastal pathway
the Cami de Cavalls.


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Menorca Walking my Favourite

Menorca is a great place for walking, My Favourite! The countryside is so green, the climate so mild and more pathways than any pup could hope for.

This week has been very busy, visiting friends, shopping trips and lots of time on the beach. But my best adventure was walking part of Menorca's Came de Cavalls. This is a pathway that circles the entire island.

We started in Cala San Estaban just outside Es Castell down by the waters edge, and guess what I got told of for barking at ducks!! what!! I'm a dog that's what we do.

Them dam ducks

Cala San Estaban Menorca

The route took us to Alcaufar through the glorious countryside along the southern coastline. The track way is great, easy to follow and well marked. The Island council is doing a great job of clearing the path and putting in marker posts. We met quite a few others on the walk which shows you just how popular these routes are.

Lots of sticks to chase after My Favourite!

Menorca walking

Finding a shady or sunny spot for a picnic or just a rest is no problem. Or in the summer you can head for S'Algar or Cala Algcaufar for lunch, I don't know why we have to stop at all.... but we do.

I've had another run in with ducks this week!! but more about this next time.

If you would like to walk along this part of the
Menorcan coastline more information and maps
can be found on Menorca the Guide .

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Date 21 Nov 2009 05:19 by Ann
We are loving Sally dog's adventures, keep it up Sally Ha, ha.


Date 25 Feb 2010 11:22 by John
Well, Menorca is my favourite Island and i will be visiting in early May and hope to do lots of walking. I will be trying to complete the Came de Cavalls walk - so may bump into you - well at least throw a stick or two.  Ha Ha.  Keep up the stories, really nice to read.


Date 25 Feb 2010 12:57 by Sally
Thank you
What only a stick or two!!! I need more than that :-) Hopefully by the time you come out I'll have done a few more sections of the cami de Cavalls and as always will let you know what they are like.

Thanks for your comment, it's good to know people are reading my walking blog.



Date 25 Feb 2010 08:05 by Max
Thanx Sally
 Hi ya Sally
           just a quick note to tell you how much Wiggy (he cant type yet) and me have enjoyed the last two weekend walks you have took us on!! On Sunday we are going to try and find the cave settlement near Canutells and were hoping you would come along as we know how much you like new Adventures!!We hope Lily and Toy come along again as well.
     Cheers Maxwell Plumb Keegan
    p.s. you can just call me Max!


Date 25 Mar 2014 10:00 by Jensen Mott
My dog loves to go for runs with me in the mountains near my home. It's not quite as green as Menorca, like you described, but it's peaceful and secluded, which is what I enjoy. I think my dog likes it up there, as well. He is able to go to the bathroom anywhere off to the side of the trail, which is something he can't do if we are walking in our neighborhood.
Jensen |


Date 28 Jan 2018 04:41 by Dolly
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