Sally dog - My adventures in Menorca


Hi I'm Sally

This is me, Sally Dog I'm just a pup living in Menorca
who loves adventures.
Sally's walking adventures in Menorca

This is where I'll share my walking adventures in the Menorcan countryside and along the coastal pathway
the Cami de Cavalls.


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What a great week we had in Menorca.

All alone again, well nearly :-)

Andy and Jenny had to go home back to the UK, not my Favourite!! where ever that is ??? But we all had a great week. I took them all over Menorca, showing them places they hadn't seen before, we even sneaked onto a beach....

We went to a beach on Menorca's Gold Coast because I couldn't be seen!! easily :-)

Menorcas golden beaches

Finding a near deserted beach on Menorca, My Favourite!! even in the hight of summer is still possible, you just have to know where to go. So if you follow my Adventures around Menorca  you'll know two :-) I thought if I dig a hole and sit in it no one will see me, us with four legs are not allowed on beaches in summer :-( But I can't read so don't know what the signs say :-)

It's great to go snorkeling

snorkeling in Menorca

But I find it hard to keep the mask on :-) Still I can't think of a better way to spend a lazy sunny afternoon than lounging on a beach and having a quick, or not so quick dip to cool off, My Favourite!!

My Favourite!! messing about in rock pools and
chasing the fish!!

Rook pools in Menorca

But all good things must come to an end :-( but I have my memories. Andy and Jenny swimming and playing with me, throwing sticks for me to chase, kicking the ball for me and giving me treats My very favourite!! just like the photo below, snuggles in bed on a morning, although I may get into trouble, NOT my Favourite!! when my master sees this one.

Early morning snuggles when I sneak into bed :-)

Menorca the Island of adventures.
 Find more information about the places I've visited plus maps and photos on Menorca the Guide

Author: Sally -  Date: 08 Sep 2010 11:07
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