Sally dog - My adventures in Menorca


Hi I'm Sally

This is me, Sally Dog I'm just a pup living in Menorca
who loves adventures.
Sally's walking adventures in Menorca

This is where I'll share my walking adventures in the Menorcan countryside and along the coastal pathway
the Cami de Cavalls.


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All alone... well nearly

It's just me and him at the moment but ......

That doesn't stop up having adventures, in the Menorcan countryside My Favourite!! It's Sunday a day for doing, not much. He was sat watching the Italian grand prix Come on I shouted the suns shining the sky is blue it's time for an Adventure, My Favourite.

I'm not going far he said. No need I said, I can see the fields and the sea from here :-) Anyway we set off for Cala Estaban, on some maps it called Cala Esteve, it's close, it's great for swimming,  and great for having an exploring Adventure, My Favourite!!

I just love running through the fields and along the
coastal paths you could say it's My Favourite!!

Exploring Menorca

We walked through Cala Estaban along the road, me trying to be on my best behaviour, trying my best not to look at, or chase the hens and ducks. Hay, it's hard for us pups, chasing things is what we do! As we walked along I was so wanting to get in the water for a swim, but he said No, wait until we have our walk.

We walked all the way around the rocks up to the old Martello defence tower built in the early 1800's. From there we then walked across the fields until you reach the section of the Cami de Cavalls which goes from Cala Estaban to S'Algar, you can read about it here. The Cami de Cavalls is the coastal pathway which goes all the way around the coast of Menorca, and is great for walking Adventures, My Favourite!!

Walking the Cami de Cavalls, I would run but it's still a bit hot for running, its what Sundays are made for.

Cami de Cavalls Menorca

I had a thoroughly fantastic time clambering over the rocks, jumping over the walls and exploring every nook and cranny, I even caught sight of a rabbit!! but it was way too fast for :-)

Time to cool off, you just can't beat the lovely Med for a cooling dip, My Favourite!!

A sunday afternoon swin in Menorca

When we finally arrived back in Cala Estaban the water looked so inviting, I just couldn't wait to get in :-) Splashing about and cooling off, what a great end to a great adventure!!

Them little fish are soooooooo fast!

Menorca where Sundays are made for swimming

If you would like to walk along this part of the
Menorcan coastline more information and maps
can be found on Menorca the Guide .

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Date 24 Sep 2010 08:27 by Carben
I looked and looked for you!
Well Sally! I looked everywhere for you and at every dog that past my way but, alas, I couldn't see you any where! I went to Cala Estaban ( there doesn't seem to be as many chick chicks around these days!) and had my picnic on the rocks near the sports pitch. I sat in a cafe in Cala Fonts thinking you might pass by, Mahon on Saturday and Tuesday, and loads of other places too. You are elusive!


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Date 15 Jan 2018 01:40 by Joe Root
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